Our Mission

We set out to create the most comfortable, luxurious,
innovative wool pillows, crafted using exclusive Joma Wool® and all sustainable and natural materials for a healthy, eco friendly life and home.

Tom Taylor

After three decades in the sleep industry, many lessons were learned. As chairman of the sleep products safety council, I had the oportunity to work on many challenges that comfronted the sleep products industry. Included in these challenges were sleep products disposal concerns. Becoming involved in the mattress recycling council, it became clear that the industry as a whole was enviromentally unsound. It was time for a change. After researching recycled polyester, cotton, bamboo, all natural latex, kapok, buckwheat and wool, it became clear to me that the ideal choice for an all natural, non-landfill pillow was wool. Further research shows that New Zealand Joma Wool® is the most luxurious and resilient wool available. Joma Wool® is processed into unique small clusters (wool pearls) creating a soft luxurious loft. After experiencing this product we knew we needed to share it and created the GOOD WOOL HOME. Our pillows are the first products, soon to be followed by additional sleep products. All are designed right here in North Carolina for a superior sleep experience. Our products are natural, sustainable and completely biodegradable.