Wool Pillow Sleep Help & Advice

woman sleeping

If you are considering sleeping with a wool pillow, here are some sleep advice tips to keep in mind:

  1. Give it time to fluff up: When you first receive your wool pillow, it may be compressed for shipping. Give it some time to fluff up and regain its shape before using it.

  2. Adjust the loft: Wool bed pillows can be fluffed and will adjusted to your sleep position over time. It may take up to a week until you find the perfect balance for your sleeping needs.

  3. Use a pillowcase: While wool is naturally hypoallergenic, using a pillowcase can help protect the pillow from sweat and oils, and can also make it easier to clean.

  4. Air it out: Wool pillows may have a slight natural odor due to the lanolin in the wool. Air out the pillow before use to help reduce the smell.

  5. Consider the weight: Wool pillows can be heavier than other types of pillows, so keep that in mind if you are sensitive to the weight of your pillow.

  6. Clean it properly: we recommend  dry cleaned or spot cleaned.

Sleeping with a wool-filled pillow can provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping experience. Just make sure to give it time to adjust it to your liking, use a pillowcase, air it out, and clean it properly.